Etched Brass

The plain brass and etched tops and panels used on Theodore Alexander furniture require particular care during use and cleaning. Each panel has a rich patina created by a process of natural oxidization that leads to the deep colouration. Because etched brass is created by natural elements, it’s particularly sensitive to certain compounds and liquids, particularly those with abrasive or acidic bases. This includes wine, spirits and some furniture creams.

We recommend you take precautions to avoid spills and scratches by using coasters and placemats. If a spill does occur take care to wipe it up immediately with a soft, clean cloth.

Over time you may see some colouration changes in the finish, such as a soft mottling. This is perfectly natural as the oxidization process continues and will in no way detract from the beauty of the item.

For everyday cleaning we recommend that you use only a soft, natural-fibre cloth and a small amount of oil soap.